Yogi government could not break the nexus of land mafia and tehsil officers that flourished under SP government.


Latest crime news azamgarh UP.

In Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, the Yogi government is seen continuously taking strict steps against corruption, while on the other hand, there are most of the officers in the government departments, who do not shy away from sabotaging the government’s intentions for their personal interests. In which the role of local police is seen as special.

The latest case has come to light in Azamgarh district. Where recently the Bharatiya Janata Party has suffered a crushing defeat in the Lok Sabha elections, the responsibility for which lies with the administrative officers of the district to some extent.

On the other hand, if we talk about corruption, corruption is at its peak in Azamgarh. Let us tell you that in Azamgarh Sadar Tehsil of the district, the land of widow Amrita Wesley, wife of late John Kaushal Wesley, was occupied by a powerful land mafia person Mahendra Yadav Police Administration. And in collusion with other administrative officials of the district, he is forcibly occupying four biswa land of a widowed woman. While Mahendra

The land mafia kept looting the lands of poor and destitute people in the state.

The result was a crushing defeat in the Lok Sabha elections.

Illegal construction is taking place in collusion with the District Administration and Azamgarh Development Authority.

Yadav has got about two and a half Vishwa land registered.

However, in this entire matter, a complaint was made by the applicant to the Deputy District Magistrate, on which the Deputy District Magistrate gave a stay order and ordered the Sidhari police station in-charge to stop the construction work immediately, but despite this the construction work was not stopped. .

Not only this, according to information received from sources, Mahendra Yadav has taken possession of the entire land and is preparing to build a shopping mall without any standards and without any map. Information was given to all the officials of the district in this regard, but

No one thought it appropriate to take any action, the only reason was that a huge amount of money was given as bribe by Mahendra Yadav to all the officials and all the officials deliberately turned their back on the illegal construction. Now in such a situation, the question arises that if such bullies continue to occupy the land of a helpless widow, then what will happen to the Yogi government’s promise of a corruption-free society?

And if such corrupt officials continue to do whatever they want in the districts, then that poor helpless person will not be able to get justice. In fact, the second term of the Yogi government is going on. Like the previous SP government, the nexus of land mafia, local police and tehsil officials is creating trouble for the poor and destitute people. At present, the Yogi government is far from visible in providing justice to the people. Has been.

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