RTO regarding dense fog Hosted by Ramvriksh Sonkar Awareness Campaign

National Press Release उत्तर प्रदेश

Azamgarh. Many accidents happen on the road during fog.

Due to which the loss of life and property is more. As the cold increases, the fog will also fall. Due to which people are already bलeing made aware to operate vehicles in the midst of fog. Public is being made aware through wide publicity to reduce road accidents by the Transport Department. Drivers were made aware at various places in the district under the leadership of RTO Ramvriksh Sonkar. During this, never park the vehicle in the middle of the road in the fog, do not overload the vehicle, keep the speed of the vehicle low, do not talk to the driver while driving, do not drive drunk, do not use mobile while driving. Do this, avoid overtaking the road, do not stunt, stop the vehicle if you feel sleepy while driving, and many other information was given. RTO Ramvriksh Sonkar told that during the fog, the driver should follow all the rules of the traffic, avoid traveling as much as possible during the fog, continuously use the indicator in the vehicle in the middle of the fog, painted on the right side of the road in dense fog. While proceeding on the basis of road marks and dividers, radium stickers must be put on the vehicle, maintaining regular distance from the vehicle going ahead during vehicle operation, fog lights are being made in the vehicle.

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